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  • Bound and resonance states of the dipolar anion of hydrogen cyanide: competition between threshold effects and rotation in an open quantum system,  K. Fossez, N. Michel, W. Nazarewicz, M. Ploszajczak, Y. Jaganathen, Phys. Rev. A 91, 012503 (2015).


  • Description of the proton and neutron radiative capture reactions in the Gamow shell model, K. Fossez, N. Michel, M. Płoszajczak, Y. Jaganathen, and R. M. Id Betan, Phys. Rev. C 91, 034609 (2015).


  • The No-Core Gamow Shell Model: Including the continuum in the NCSM, B. R. Barrett, G. Papadimitriou, N. Michel, M. Płoszajczak, Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms, Varenna (Italy), June 15-19, 2015.