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Non-exponential and oscillatory quantum decays

May 28, 2014 GANIL, Caen, France



«Non-exponential and oscillatory quantum decays»

by Vladimir Zelevinsky from the Michigan State University

May 28, 2014 GANIL, Caen, France


This is supposed to be an OPEN DISCUSSION of the problem we get used to consider standard: is quantum decay exponential? Amazingly, the textbooks are quite evasive on this subject. As an example in Merzbachers textbook:

... the fact remains that the exponential decay law, for which we have so much empirical support in radioactive processes, is not a rigorous consequence of quantum mechanics but the result of somewhat delicate approximations.

Professor Zelevinsky will give an introduction to the problem, set few questions to the audience and encourage to start the discussion.



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The seminar will take place in room 105 of the GANIL main building. All interested physicists are most welcome. The French-based physicists interested in the topic can get the local support (

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