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Program of the FUSTIPEN Inauguration



Tuesday, January 18, 2011



9:00 – 9:30      Registration

9:30 – 9:40      Welcome - M. Ploszajczak (GANIL)

9:40 – 10:00    Importance of International Collaboration in Science: DOE/USA  perspective - T. Hallman (DOE)

10:00–10:20    Importance of International Collaboration in Science: CNRS/France perspective - J. Martino (CNRS/IN2P3)

10:20-10:40     Importance of International Collaboration in Science: CEA/France perspective - F. Staley (CEA/DSM)

10:40-11:10     Coffee Break

11:10-11:30     FUSTIPEN Initiative - G. Bertsch (Univ. of Washington)

11:30-12:00     Highlights of the GANIL-SPIRAL2 - S. Gales (GANIL)

12:00-13:00     GANIL Excursion

13:00-14:30     Lunch

14:30-15:10     Science Overview - Needs for Large Collaborations in Nuclear Theory - W. Nazarewicz (Univ. of Tennessee/ORNL)

15:10-15:50     Towards a Microscopic Theory for Nuclear Structure - B. Barrett (Univ. of Arizona)

15:50-16:30     Remarkable Features Related to Nuclear Forces and Shell Evolutions - O. Sorlin (GANIL)

16:30-17:00     Coffee Break

17:00-17:40     Gamma-ray Spectroscopy in the Region of Changing Shell Structure - M. Carpenter (ANL)

17:40-18:20     Low-energy Nuclear Theory: A Few Challenges for the Next Decade - Th. Duguet (CEA Saclay)

19:00              Departure of buses to the Town Hall

19:30              Dinner in the Town Hall

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

9:00 – 9:10       Welcome - M. Ploszajczak

9:10-10:15       Session I:     Nuclear structure models (I)
Conveners:  B. Barrett( and
Th. Duguet( )
Participants: M. Bender, G. Bertsch, G. Hupin, V. Soma

10:15-10:40     Coffee Break

10:40-13:00     Session II:    Nuclear structure models (II)
Conveners:  A. Kerman ( and
F. Nowacki (
Participants: J. Rotureau, K. Sieja, N. Smirnova, P. Van Isacker

Session III:   Collective modes in exotic nuclei
Conveners:  G. Bertsch ( and H. Goutte ( )

Participants: J-P. Ebran, D. Lacroix, S. Peru, N. Pillet, N. V. Giai

13:00-14:00     Lunch

14:00-15:30     Session IV:   Modern theoretical approaches to reactions with exotic nuclei
Conveners:  N. Alamanos ( and

F. Nunes (

Participants: H. Arellano, G. Blanchon, P. H.T. Chau, M. Dupuis, W. Nazarewicz/M. Ploszajczak, F. Nunes

15:30-15:45     Coffee Break

15:45-17:50     Session V:   Nuclear decay modes (includes fission)
Conveners: M. Carpenter ( and
J-P. Delaroche (
Participants: R. Bernard, B. Blank, F. de Oliveira, N. Schunck, J. L. Sida

Session VI:   Miscellaneous
Conveners:  M. Bender ( and

W. Nazarewicz ( )

Participants: G. Arbanas, K. Bennaceur, L. Bonneau, A. Coc

17:50-18:00    Concluding remarks - M. Ploszajczak-

Virtual Summary - G. Bertsch

18:00             End of the Workshop

18:10             Departure of the bus to the train station