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The GRETINA physics program

April 5, 2016, GANIL, Caen, France

FUSTIPEN Colloquium

«The GRETINA Physics Program»

by Augusto O. Macchiavelli from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

April 5, 2016  GANIL, Caen, France


GRETINA [1] is a gamma-ray spectrometer which is capable of tracking gamma-rays through its active detector volume,  currently operating with nine, four-detector modules. Each crystal (6x6 segments) is individually encapsulated with all four crystals sharing a common cryostat. The irregular, tapered hexagonal geometry packs into a spherical shell with the eight modules spanning just over 1π solid angle.

GRETINA was constructed and commissioned at LBNL, and has already completed two physics campaigns, at NSCL/MSU and at ATLAS/ANL.

I will give a short overview of the project, discuss some of the technical aspects and the performance of the array, and present highlights from the experimental program above.  Future plans for GRETINA as well as its evolution into GRETA, a full 4π array, will also be discussed.



[1] S. Paschalis, I.Y.Lee, A.O.Macchiavelli,  et al. NIM A709 (2013) 44-55