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New Directions for Nuclear Structure and Reaction Theories

March 16-20, 2015, GANIL, Caen, France

FUSTIPEN Topical Meeting

«New Directions for Nuclear Structure and Reaction Theories»

March 16-20, 2015, GANIL, Caen, France


First circular

In the last 20 years great progress has been made in developing a unified approach to the theory of nuclear structure and reactions.  But there are still many unanswered questions.  How does Nuclear Density Functional Theory go beyond the Skyrme interaction, now that nothing new can be learned from the use of this interaction ?

Are so-called microscopic approaches truly microscopic, i.e., do they contain hidden approximations and/or adjustable parameters ?  If three nucleon forces are truly so important in understanding nuclear structure and reactions, why not use them in their full glory, instead of trying to approximate them by a two-body force ?  Or is this simply too difficult to do ?  What is the future of present 'micro' approaches in the light of recent major advances in Lattice QCD and Nuclei on the Lattice calculations ?  Consequently, what can existing microscopic nuclear many-body methods do better than other approaches and how best can one exploit these advances ?  These and similar topics will be probed during this  workshop.

The goal of the FUSTIPEN topical meeting on “New Directions for Nuclear Structure and Reaction Theories” is to bring together a diversity of researchers, both theorists and experimentalists, to stimulate discussions on how to advance from the present state of the art for these fields to new ideas for improved NN and many-N interactions; to the extension of successful microscopic techniques for light nuclei to heavier nuclei; and to entirely new approaches for handling medium-to-heavy mass nuclei, including the continuum. We would like to keep the format of the meeting informal and invite those participants who believe they can contribute to the discussion to contact us at




The information to reach GANIL can be obtained here.

If you have any question concerning your arrival and stay in Caen, or your participation in the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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Bruce R. Barrett (University of Arizona)

Marek Ploszajczak (GANIL)